Stone Skimming App Reviews

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Best time consuming game ever!!!

This game is SO good if ur bored


Too many adds


Why am I addicted to throwing a stone? How did you do it??? 😮

Beware of the clam bonus

With the new update you can double your score by entering a clam, but the problem with this is that it also increases your goal to unlock the next item by the same amount!! The clam bonus is totally not worth it especially if you’re trying to unlock all the stones quickly. Btw even if you pay to remove ads you still have to watch ads once in a while to level up your power.

Hell ya

Best game ever 5 star just a lot of adds go to airplane mode 😉

Skipping rocks

It’s a fun game just two many ads. Maybe add an ad after you skip the rock 4-5 times


I hate that every time I throw a d**** stone I have to watch an ad to throw another stone it’s a stone you don’t do anything else in the game but throw a stone let me throw the stone wait at least like 10 times you turn something that could take 15 seconds to throw 10 stones into a 5 minute deal I’m deleting


I get it it’s a free game. But an ad after every two throws? Little annoying. Don’t waste your time with this game.

Voodoo developer???

I have been a fan of Voodoo developer games for about 2 years now and i must say that this game was the biggest disappointment. I expected the game play to be smooth and logical but it isn’t. I thought when you skipped the rocks the length of the skip would have something to do with how long you held onto the screen. But it doesn’t. All you do is time the moving cursor to hit the red line in the middle and the rock skips but it’s not dependent upon anything else. I am disappointed. This game was such a great idea but it was poorly executed. I would give zero stars if it was an option.



Addictive game

I was able to get almost all of the objects except for the last one because my high score got changed into something I never got which was over a million so I’m going to restart and try not to get a score too high

Stone won’t skip!

After the app updated today, my stone will no longer skip when I tap the screen. You might want to fix that!

Amusing for a few days

At first it’s Mildly amusing and trying to up all the powers then you max out and then it’s just the same thing. Seems it was designed to keep you busy for a few hours and that’s it not something I’d play everyday or for a few months but they got my 2$ to get rid of the ads because they are annoying which I’m sure that was the intent so in that sense good job taking my money

Listen to me

This game is trash it looks cool on IG and FB but when it’s downloaded on your phone it’s not fun or cool at all it’s trash.

Money hungry add covered pile of crap

Like everything else voodoo has to offer, this is just another crappy game designed to make a few more dumb people cash over a few bucks for no ads or other stupid stuff. This is just further cementing that voodoo is the EA of mobile games.

The app should be an add app not stone swimming.

I downloaded the game and I do have liking it since, but the adds are so freaking A NOSY AND NAKE YOU DISLIKE THE APP. every time you play or most of the time you gat an add and some of it does not leave you until you click in it to be transferred to Apple store or you close the app and reopen it. I am just going to wright the review and delete it. The idea of the app is so great, but with the millions adds it has became a bothering app to have.


Love it 😍



As free takes your money and forces you to watch ads

I purchased ad free and feel I should get my money back. It did remove the ads in between each throw, but you get to a point where it forces you to watch an ad just to upgrade your attributes. Ad free should truly be no ads at all.... very deceptive and stealing my money.

Good but bad

Good but bad way to many adds if the adds was less it able to pay to take them off this game would be a 100stars

Skipping stones

It’s a good game when you are really bored

It’s okay 🙄

Too many ads


This game was absolutely trash there was an add every other time u skip it this game is doo doo- jake Lowe


Great family game. We are always trying to beat each other. We can’t put it down.


To many adds

Sounds Like A Fun Game, But A Flaw.

This game sounded pretty cool, and I was like, “Sure! Why not?” And I’ll tell you why not. It started out pretty smooth, skipping the stones, having a bit of fun, and then an add appeared. I know, it’s a fee game, I should expect ads, but what you don’t know is how many there are. It happens every 2-3 times you’ve skipped a stone, and it’s REALLY annoying. I’ve played Voodoo’s games before, and there are decent dosage of ads here and there, but not like this! And there is no way I’m buying the “No Ad” feature. That’s just a rip off. This is typical Voodoo, trying to take tons of money from customers. If you hate ads like I do, this will be your nightmare. The game itself is great, and has a cool concept, but it’s hard to have fun when ads keep popping out if you know what I mean. 😖😖😖

Good game too much ads

Game is fun but way too many ads

Stone skipping

This game is so fun and when you level up you most of the time cant do bad this is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To much adds


Pretty good make more like it!!

Too many ads

I get it, you need to make money. Thats fine. BUT having an add even when you dont double your gain is scummy and is one of the only bad things about any of your games.


Lovz it

Too many ads

Fun game to play. Way too many adds. After each round an ad pops up. Not cool

Amazing game

I love this game I can’t put it down. I like how they took something so simple like this and made it so addicting the only thing is that there’s to many ads.

Dumb game

This game is dumb

Ad overload

Too many ads!!!!


Glitches like crazy



Too many ads

Game is great but can’t deal with an ad between every throw

The frisbee sinks

The game is very very addicting and I think you need to learn to love it and you don’t need to win it is that simple


Bored after 2 minuets of playing

Fix the lag and ads

App is too glitchy and wayyyyyy too many ads, if it wasnt for those 2 things it would be great

I’m in love with this game

Please add more stones I’ve beat the game!


Nice game to unwind with.

PAID FOR NO ADS, there are still ads!!!

The game is fun enough so I didn’t mind paying the $1.99 for no ads considering the game was free, but after I did, the ads became less frequent. THATS NOT THE SAME AS NO ADS! I hope someone is reading this that can address the problem. The infrequent ads still happen too often. It’s not the 2 bucks, it’s the lack of TRUTH IN ADVERTISING! Now instead of getting an ad after EVERY round, I get one (that I can’t skip, have to wait 30 seconds) every 5 rounds. UNACCEPTABLE!

More Levels?? Maxed Out?

Okay, I admit, this game is pretty addicting at FIRST. After a while there are a lot more obstacles in the way and way too many ads.(but I understand about the last part, it's a free game) I have maxed out my power, speed, bouncing, and offline earnings, I'm sure other people have too and are all wondering the same thing... When are there going to be more levels? I get that you just updated your game and all but maybe in the NEXT update could you add more levels please 🙏🏻. Thank you! P.S. Could you also lower the rate of obstacles per second or something technical like that please. The game would be much more enjoyable for me and a lot of other people. :) -Robert C.


It’s a good game love it


Too many ads

To many ads

I enjoy the game but the ads are RIDICULOUS


Giving it 3 because I like the game BUT THE ADS are so irritating 😠

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