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Terrible Performance Issues

The graphics look like this came from a Nintendo 64 console from the 1900’s, yet it manages to make my iPad Air 2 overheat and start lagging within 2 minutes, and within 4 minutes of use the back of my iPad will burn to touch and I get about 2fps in the game. My iPod 5 with an 80% slower processor can run Infinity Blade 3; a game that at bare minimum has graphics similar to a AAA PS3/4 Game at a consistent 60fps (And yes my iPad Air 2 can as well without overheating for an endless amount of time), so I have come to the conclusion that this game has been terribly optimized by the developer, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was something that could be easily fixed such as the models (objects) having a way higher poly count than necessary. *This review is solely based off performance, as it runs so poorly I cannot judge if it is actually a good game apart from the performance issues.

Poppy the unicorn is lit bro

Yasssss Queen

Total Skinner box garbage

It’s fun. I’ve played a lot. But it’s designed to make you consume ads. I could be facedown in a mud puddle and having more fun.

This game is AMAZING!

I love all the graphics and how the rock skips because it skips really far. So we can go like 10 miles? :D

Surprisingly fun

Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from this game. But it’s a lot of fun and highly addicting

Now what.....

I've maxed out on everything and no longer see a need to continue playing... What now

God da*n f**cking add

really F**cking add :( Don't download ever. really annoying playing 1 min and ad 1 min

Great game.

Too many pop ups 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Love it

Ok this game is so good everyone should like it ok this may be a tiny letter but I’m still a noob and I love it and shout out to anyone five star boom and that’s it for one of my favorite games

To many ads

To many ads


Yeah it fun but on the add it looked fun and it told me I would go to Disney land If I hit 15 skips uh where’s my trip what a ripoff I decided to get your game and it gets you money so why did you like to a player who is interested in your program

Not Giving Reward

You are supposed to get a new item once hitting a new level but the distance just increases instead with no item given.


On an ad in Instagram, it claimed “if you skip the stone 15 times you get to goto Disney Land”. Obviously I didn’t believe it, still downloaded to see what it would do when I did skip it 15 or more times. I got to skip 16 times back to back and nothing.

What do I do when I max out everything?

I been playing this game a lot for the past month and I maxed out on everything, I play this in my spare time all the time but now I just don’t because I can’t upgrade anymore, bummer.

Stone skinner

Great game and stress release

Too many ads

You can’t throw more than one stone without getting hit with an ad!

It’s so easy

Thanks for creating this game I just tried it and first time I got a perfect hit so try making it a bit harder and I would recommend levels.

It’s alright

Game itself isn’t bad. Great for just killing some time while waiting in line or something like that. But you can max out in just a couple days and after that it just gets boring. And as a side note for anyone who downloads this game. It’s well worth a dollar to get rid of the ads that you get bombarded with after every turn.

Why is there no black man version

Y’all racist mf never puttin the black man in the game

Progression loss

This game was fun and all until I opened it one day and saw all of my progress was erased! I was still logged in and all and it just seemed as if I never played the game.

Help please?!

Hello, This is kind of cool game, i just wish the game wouldn’t FREEZE! This seems to happen more as go further into the game and doing well. But I get more advertisements and my game freezes! AAAaaaaH, Please help? Thank you, MM

They lying omm

I downloaded this shiii cuz they said if I score 15 I can go to Disneyland ...where’s my ticket at, I’m tryna go to the happiest place on earth and this game lying ...gimme my tickettt

I was lied to.

I was told when I got this game you would be able to reach orbit. You can’t. I also purchased ad blocker and the ads never totally went away Because apparently they think it’s OK to make you feel like it’s an option but it just gets in the way of the stupid strength button

ideas 🤷🏼‍♀️

you should make it so there’s different worlds that you go around to switch to so once you beat it, the game doesn’t get as boring

Pretty good game


What’s the point

Of maxing out upgrades but still earning cash that can’t be used


I loved it 10/10 5/5 100/100



Maxed out at 2010.

It was ok then after a couple weeks now there isn't anything to gain except distance. I have about 11 million built up so what difference does it make.


Great game really helps me pass the test me

It does not show your Progress bar

Does not show progress bar


To many ads interruptions

Not worth it

First on the stat it said someone got 99,999,999 and there is no way they could’ve got that. Right as you start getting close to 1 million the Skippingstone will then slow down and you will not be able to break that also with the rocks at you by you will not be able to do anything with them the game is completely boring and useless if you can never get a higher score and then it lets you. You may find it interesting for maybe a week but then you realize that it’s just the same old thing over and over with no gain.


Just got binoculars. It was fun while it lasted 🙃

Stupid game nothing like the ads

And is completely over loaded with ads bad graphics and is lagging. Don’t waste your time.


Hella ads everywhere Jesus

Okay game at first

Simple/boring game, but it gave me something to do. I’m going to have to delete it because there is no room for improvement for me. I maxed out out on everything. I earn between $800,000-1,000,000/ points per skip. I can’t even do anything with all the money I have. Make some updates to keep us playing!

To many ads!

After every stone you skipped their is an ad, the game is very fun and entertaining but their is just to many ads and it pushed me away from the game.


Hate adds


I love the game setup but I think we should give the people the option to choose they hand color🤔


I enjoy playing this game- but every time you collect your money there’s an ad that pops up. Every level has an add. One or two to be exact. A little annoying. A lot annoying actually.

Stone skimming

Dear Stone skimming, thank you giving me the opportunity to be playing this game. Thank you, Casey Swingle


I could not find the spongey man known as bob also where’s the pool in then add there was poop but in game there a no a pool And where’s the may may a facey also whre spomge bub I’m going to make it to get some food for the day I will be home by the end the afternoon I have some time in that time you want me and you you want me no one time you can buy a house and I eat you can buy me some stuff and then you get to go to the house to make a little pony so you don’t know how much I love to get stuff for like you you want me no more than I ever did that you you know you wanna I love your family I know I wanna is that you want me and you want to be

Update ASAP!!!

It’s a fun game but it could be updated it glitches and freezes ALOT basically the whole time you’re playing it.


Ads! Ruined this game it’s unplayable

False advertising

The game is decent enough in the beginning when your upgrading your stone to skip through the first level, only to find out that the facebook ad was faked and their are no other levels. By the 200th upgrade you can’t upgrade anymore the only way you can get any further is by the random chance that you might get a few boosts before your skips run out. Honestly i don't know what i was expecting from the people who never advertise their games honestly.

Don’t buy it

Really boring all you do is just bounce

it’s bad

I like this game very much, but everytime I play it , the game always glitches very heavily and it’s impossible to play. Not to mention disappearing money also

Add Bait

Filled with adds not worth it whatsoever

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